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Brno is a dynamic student´s city with a fresh and vibrant pulse. Apart from the usual historical monuments, it offers many festivals, some of which are totally unknown. But that's what we love about them. During the sunny days people lie down in parks, smoke water pipes, drink wine or beer and chat...


The city is located right in the center of Europe, making it perfect to set it as your travel point and moving to great cities like Prague, Bratislava, Viena, Krakow or Budapest. We are friendly and we will provide you maps of the city, advises and usefull tips what to do, where to go, what to eat or where to party as a rockstar.
Near our hostel, you can find very interesting things, as far as Brno offers a lot of entertainement, culture, music, czech cuisine and places where you will find the best beer of the world:
- Villa Tugendhat

Brno had a reputation in the 1920s as a centre for modern architecture in the Functionalist and Bauhaus styles. Arguably the finest example is this family villa, designed by modern master Mies van der Rohe in 1930. Entry is by guided tour, booked in advance by phone or over the website.
If you can't book a tour, the front of the house is still worth a look for how sharply it contrasts with many of the other contemporaneous buildings in the neighbourhood. To find the villa, take tram 3, 5 or 11 from Moravské náměstí up Milady Horákové to Černopolní, then walk 300m north.
- Spielberg Castle
Brno's dramatic hilltop castle is considered the city's most important landmark, and is home to the Brno City Museum. You can also visit the casemates (small rooms within the castle walls) and climb the lookout tower. Buy a combined entry ticket for all sights or purchase separate tickets; see the website for a full menu.
The two most popular exhibitions at the museum are From Castle to Fortress, about the castle's history, and Prison of Nations, on the role Špilberk played in the 18th and 19th centuries. Other exhibitions of the focus on the history, art and architecture of Brno. A combined ticket (adult/child 120/60Kč) gives access to all displays.
- Labyrinth under Zelny trh
- St Peter and Paul Cathedral
- Capuchin Crypt and Church
The church is situated on the Capuchin Square near the Cabbage Market. Next to the church stands the Capuchin Monastery. The front side of the church is decorated with the Baroque sculptures by Jan Adam Nessman from 1765.
The most interesting place is the Capuchin crypt which is located beneath the church. Due to the good geological structure of soil and system of air-holes, it was possible to mummify the corpses which have been preserved in the underground of the church to the present-day. Except for the members of the Capuchin Order, the builders Ondřej and Jan Křtitel Ern and baron Franz von der Trenck (a commander of the Pandur and Špilberk prisoner) are buried there.
Visitors can attend a permanent exhibition whose part is a tour of the Capuchin crypt with mummies.
- St James Church
St. James' Church (kostel Sv. Jakuba) was built at the beginning of the 13th century. It served the needs of colonists, mainly from Germany and Flanders. The original appearance of the church was preserved. St. James' Church, as we know it today, was built at the turn of the 15th century in late Gothic style. Lorenz Spening took a share in the construction. Modifications, carried-out at the beginning of the 16th century, were done by Anton Pilgram. The typical tower, towering to the height of 92 m, was finished in the year 1592 by Antonio Gabri. Several tombstones can be found in the church; among them the tombstone of Luis Raduit de Souches, Brno defender against Swedish, may be found. The church is located in Jakubské náměstí (James' Square).
- Moravian Gallery:
This gallery's extensive art holdings are displayed at three different branches: hours and admission prices are uniform for each. Adjoining the Church of St Thomas, the Museum of Art from the Gothic to the 19th Century presents six centuries of European art. The Applied Arts Museum focuses on arts and crafts from the Middle Ages to art nouveau. A third branch, the Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, focuses on Czech modernist and 20th-century art.
- Gipsy Culture Museum
- Kino Art
- StaroBrno Factory
- Pavilon Expo Center
- Mendel Museum
- Kometa Hockey Stadium
- Old Town Hall Tower:
Brno's atmospheric Old Town Hall dates from the early 13th century. The tourist office is here, plus oddities including a crocodile hanging from the ceiling (known affectionately as the Brno 'dragon') and a wooden wagon wheel with a unique story. You can also climb the tower. Expected to reopen in 2013 after rennovations in 2012.